New DH Group for Graduate Students at Fordham University

Cattrell Key | Robert Goldwitz (c) 2012

In an effort to bring graduate students more opportunities to think about, discuss, and use methods and practices in the digital humanities, I am starting the Fordham Graduate Student Digital Humanities group in Fall 2012. In the spirit of THATCamp’s unconference style, the group will have unmeetings, where we decide together what we wish to discuss and do as a group. Here’s the announcement:

All graduate students are invited to join the new Fordham Graduate Student Digital Humanities group. The development and use of digital tools in research, publishing, and pedagogy has and will continue to become an important part of academic life, not just for “digital humanists” but for anyone working in the humanities. This group will meet on a monthly basis to discuss and learn about practices and methodologies in the digital humanities, particularly in the context of graduate studies and professionalization. The group will offer support and training to students preparing for a professional academic career in the humanities, one that most likely will require at least a proficiency in digital literacy for teaching, research, and publishing. Computer Science students with an interest in humanities scholarship are strongly encouraged to join this group.

Author: Elizabeth F. Cornell

Elizabeth F. Cornell is the director of communications for Fordham IT, at Fordham University. Formerly, she was a post-doctoral fellow in the English Department at Fordham.

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